Saturday, January 31, 2009


-unknown date-

"they say, if love becomes painful its time to lat that person go and save yourself!! but just keep this in mind.. if love is true, pain is never a reason to let go"

Ang gulo nuh, when it comes to love parang hindi mo na alam kung saang side ka dapat.. ang dami kasing interpretations nito, ang daming meaning, ang daming levels and stages!! paano mo nga ba talaga masasabing nagmamahal ka?? is it whe you found your happiness?? when you've done your best?? or when you get hurt?? actually, walang specific answer.. basta nalang natin naramdaman, and kahit anong hanap at isip natin sa sagot na yun.. mas lalo nating di matagpuan. pero, lahat naman ng nararamdaman natin was all in our mind diba?! but because of the mystery of love we cant hardly find nor explain those things...

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